The Coachbuild

The coach-build vehicle is capable of carrying 2 x 17HH plus horses and is rear facing. This vehicle is based on a 3.5T van where the existing vehicle is cut down to the existing floor and totally rebuilt again from floor to roof.

This vehicle can be built in several designs for:

  • Basic needs
  • Standard day living
  • Full living
    • Hob
    • Sink
    • Fringe
    • Sleeps up to 4 people
    • Underfloor Storage
    • Option of 3 or 5 person cab.

Both vehicles can be uprated to 3.9T which gives an added extra of approximately 400Kg at an additional extra cost

Coach Build Design

The existing shell of the van is removed within 2 inches above the windscreen and the same beside the doors.

A fiberglass pod is then fitted to provide the Luton area of the lorry. The outer face of the lorry is 2-5mm aluminum build with aluminum top hat pressings located inside at every 400mm centers. This design gives good strength and safety. It eradicates any rusting issues and also gives a good surface to paint on

Home area (Standard partition and head partition)

Both rear and front bulk heads are constructed from box steel and ¾ ply and finished with 10mm thick rubber.

The ramp is made of 30mm box steel and cladded with finn forest flooring and 10mm rubber finish floor with greasable hinges.

The ramp pressing to the left and right of the ramp are made from 3mm steel pressings to provide strength and safety.


The roof has a white inner finish made from 3mm plastic and a top 1-piece fibre glass finish to the top and aluminum radius corners.


The existing floor remains with 2 x 3mm outer cills added to carry the ramp and width, ¾ Finn forest flooring is then fixed and sealed with a 20mm rubber floor fixed and sealed

Living area

This design has an option of living and green area

  1. A standard groom area with outer saddle and bridle locker, a bench seat inside and a choice of plastic or carpeted wall finished
  2. A day living area with an outer tack locker, a bench seat inside and a small hob/sink and base unit with a 36” x 24” viewing window
  3. A full living area with 3 outer tack lockers and under-floor storage, a smer hob, sing and fridge with a pull out double bed. A 36” x 24” viewing window and wall cupboard

This vehicle can also accommodate a 3 or 5 person cab with sleeping facility above Luton area and also be upgraded to a 3.9T.

All of our new build vehicles can be sprayed in most colours of your choice with added graphic designs.

A new MOT is included as standard as well as an engine service and a 3 month warranty

Outer finish

All coachbuild lorries are fitted with LED lighting inside and out, roof spoilers, bumper moulding and fiberglass wheel arches, roof venting outer loading gate as standard

Additional Options

  • CCTV
  • 12v sockets
  • windows or venting 240v hook up
  • 3.9T upgrade

We also carry out

  • Servicing
  • Full body repair and resprays
  • Pre MOT


  • Horse box and trailer hire
  • Selfdrive 3.5T horse box available daily or weekend or full week
  • Rates available, same applies for horse trailer