The Shuttlebox

A conversion where we convert a high top 3.5 ton van into a horsebox, this would carry up to 16HH horse, rear facing, which has a separate day living with bench seats also acting as storage lockers, plus 2 bridle racks and saddle holders.

The rear grooms area is totally separate but has access onto the horse’s area via a 4ft x 3ft door. The walls are carpeted to a colour of your choice so all clothing and other items are separate from your horse.

This clothing can also have a standard 3 person cab or be converted to a 5 seated cab with seat belts, viewing windows and bench locker to cater for a family day outing, with storage in the horse area in the luton for rugs and haynets etc

The existing outer shell remains the same as factory spec, the house area (The bulkhead) between the horses and the cab is constructed of a steel frame, which is fabricated horizontally, and vertically, then cladded with ¾ ply and 10mm rubber walling to provide maximum strength and safety for both horses and persons


The remaining floor remains in the vehicle with an additional 3mm steel cill added to carry the ramp fixing. Then ¾ Finn forest floor is fixed and sealed on top then secondly a 25mm rubber floor is fixed and sealed as a final finish.


The ramp is fabricated from 30x30mm box steel frame then cladded with ¾ Finn forest floor with greaseable hinges and 10mm rubber is fixed to the top

The ramp pressings to the left and right are made from 3mm steel and is also the head frame

Note: Our ramps are built with one side on 45 degree angle to provide maximum unloading room for the other horse to vacate the vehicle as standard

The groom’s area

The groom’s area has 2 bench lockers with 2 saddle holders and 2 bridle holders with a 4ft x 3ft access door into horse area and is fully carpeted with a colour of your choice

Additional Options

  • CCTV
  • 12v sockets
  • windows or venting 240v hook up
  • 3.9T upgrade

We also carry out

  • Servicing
  • Full body repair and resprays
  • Pre MOT


  • Horse box and trailer hire
  • Selfdrive 3.5T horse box available daily or weekend or full week
  • Rates available, same applies for horse trailer